​Massage is affordable wellness for everyone!

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​Massage is affordable wellness for everyone!

Did you know we offer the ability and ease of booking online 24/7? 

Massage should not just be viewed as a reward for your body; massage should be part of your regular wellness plan. Massage increases circulation, relieves tension and improves range of motion. Massage can help with pain management, reduce headaches and blood pressure, Massage can help to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, or even insomnia. For this reason, DeAnn strives to provide the best massage possible and the lowest price possible. 

Book your affordable wellness now, and start feeling better today!


DeAnn Holexa Massage Wellness Program:

DeAnn massage offers her clients a Wellness program. For a one-time contribution of $60 her clients can get the perks! Join with DeAnn and save on every massage. Clients receive $10-$20 off her standards rates on every massage, everyday!

Standard Rates$65-$95

Program Rates:

1x a month $50-$75

2x a Month $45-$70

3x a Month $40-$65


What is a DeAnn Massage Wellness Program?

Clients can purchase a Massage Wellness Program for $60. Clients are for life, that’s a one-time contribution to be a client forever! DeAnn’s Clients receive $10-$20 off DeAnn’s standard rates everyday!


How do I become join DeAnns Massage Wellness Program?

Just ask DeAnn Holexa for details!


What if I can’t book online?

If you can’t book online, just give her a call! She can walk you through the online booking process or she can get you scheduled over the phone.

How long does my massage last?

On an average 1-hour massage, is 75 minutes. 90-minute massage is 1 hour and 45 minutes. DeAnn gives you a few minutes to fill out paperwork, undress and a few minutes to get dressed.

What if I have never had a massage before?

No problem let your therapist know! DeAnn will walk you through the entire massage process!

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