Personal Body Image and Massage

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Personal Body Image and Massage

While individual people can occasionally be insensitive enough to prove us right, DeAnn Holexa, professional massage therapist, understands how clients might feel. She was overweight for many years and dealt with the same thoughts and concerns while getting a massage.

Personally, and professionally, DeAnn thinks the most important thing for clients to realize is that your massage therapist couldn't care less what your body looks like. We aren't there to judge you! We just want to help you relax and feel better. DeAnn has seen that many first-time clients let their nerves undermine the relaxing and calming goal of a massage. The more you worry about your body and having someone else seeing and touching your body, the harder it will be for you to relax. Let DeAnn help you get comfortable while providing you with the wellness your body deserves. 

For more information on rates and available massage types offered at Visual Effects Salon and Spa visit DeAnn Holexa's website.


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