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Learn how to apply permanent makeup (micropigmentation) through our Permanent Cosmetic Training and Certification course offered by Rachelle. Class includes equipment, certificate and supplies for 30 services once the class is finished. Call Rachelle to arrange Micropigmentation training and start making money doing what you love to do - make people feel good about themselves!


30 Hour Private Class $3200.00
40 Hour Group Class $3200.00 (per student)
Add Advanced Classes $600.00 (per student)
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“I took Rachelle's certification course in Permanent Make Up in September 2015, in the course I learned quite a lot, not just the permanent make up. Rachelle taught me how to read a client for nervousness, how to gently speak to them and walk them through the procedure, choosing the correct color for the client, honestly so much I could go on and on. In fact she was so much fun and informative I took her advanced course in December! The best thing she ever said to me was "Once you are my student, you are always my student" And she has stood by that! ”

5 Stars! - Carmen Carlo

“I would recommend Rochelle Moore's class to anyone who asked. I took her beginner class in October 2015 She not only rearranged her schedule to fit mine but, put together a class for me in the evening. It was very informative and I enjoyed every minute of it. First, I successfully completed a Standard Blood borne Pathogens course through the National CPR Foundation.

My instruction included, sanitation, sanitation and sanitation, skin layers, why micro-pigmentation is not the same as tattoos, color wheel, (why not to put black on a person's face). How to put together the tools and the pros and cons of using all disposable supplies. I was told about the questionnaire and health form to have clients fill out before treatment. I observed while Rochelle did liner, brows and lips on a live model. Explaining in detail what and why she was doing things. I worked on latex doing lips, liner and brows separately then did a whole latex face. I then had models which Rochelle started the first one. Then with her direction I went over what she has done we did brows, and liner. The reason for not doing lips, was this person gets cold sore outbreaks and had not taken medicine prior to the treatment. And the next classes, I was able to do a little more each time until I could start and complete by myself. All of the time learning what and why not to connect eyeliner at the outside corner or lips at the corners. How to hold the pen straight up and down...and a lot of different things. Then came after care, not only with clients but with me as well. I have learned that Rochelle is not only very good at what she does but the best advocate a new micro-pigmentation tech can have in their corner. She has a room we are welcome to use anytime and she is right across the hall to help if we need. Who could ask for a better instructor or person for that matter! ”

Thank you Rachelle! - Melissa Hale

“When I first made the trip to Boise to take classes with Rachelle I hoped that I would be able to use what I learned as an addition to my already existing esthetics practice. I never thought that it would become my primary business, but it has. I was trained on the hair stroke and solid application of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. I was also taught color correction which I have used many times to correct other artists work. In a year and a half I have done over 600 eyebrows and 400 eyeliners. My only problem now is that I'm too busy! My reputation extends all the way to Canada. I have four people who were referred to me come down from British Columbia. I'm now booked out a month in advance and I work six days a week and 10 hour days. I eventually came back to Rachelle and took classes in skin needling which I have used to reduce wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. I change women's lives everyday just as Rachelle forever changed mine.”

Thank You So Much - Heather Fleek

“Rachel Moore's school for permanent makeup and advance course was amazing. She teaches by book and hands on, in a trusting and encouraging environment. Her training will not stop with the end of your course, she offers her professional help until you’re totally comfortable with your work. Well worth every cent. Love here, thanks for all your continuing help.”

Your Truly - Tina Gillespie

“I took a permanent makeup class with Rachelle in July 2011. I was so appreciative of the one on one time that she gives during her course. Rachelle was very informative and attentive to any questions or concerns that I had during, and even after I had finished her class. The training and knowledge that I learned in her class has kept me in business for almost 5 years now! I have went back to her with questions on new techniques or pigment lines that have come out in the last few years and she is always more than willing to help me. Rachelle is a mentor for me in the beauty industry.”

Thank You - Wendy Vaughan