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Visual Effects Salon and Spa Team

Rachelle Moore
Rachelle Moore extensive expertise in permanent make-up includes brows, eyeliner, lips, areolas, scar camouflaging, microneedling color correction and removal. She also teaches permanent make-up classes and microneedling certifcation classes. More Information
Jill Tovar
An Independent Artist
Jill Tovar has been in the industry for 25 years and still loves what she does. She gets to meet new people each day and learn their story. With that story a transformation thru their hair. Jill loves that the industry is always changing and evolving. She has been growing her Hair Painting / Balayage business called Boisebalagirl since 2014. She has taught as a Paul Mitchell educator, has extensive haircutting class with Sojourn, Vidal Sassoon, and Rusk hair cutting techniques, Albie Mulcahy, and John Sahag dry hair cutting.  From specialty color and balayage to high fashion and glazes with a pop of color; Jill Tovar is the creative hair specialist! 


Corrina Beard
Stylist, Certified Educator

Cosmetology is Corrina's passion. She draws inspiration from a diverse group of creative people in her industry. Throughout the years she has developed artistic skills and strengthened her talents through her loyal and supportive clientele. They keep her inspired and growing in her career.

DeAnn Holexa
Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Practitioner

It is amazing what Massage Therapy can do for the body, mind, and soul. DeAnn became a Massage Therapist after a PT prescribed massage 2x a week as a way to heal a shoulder injury. After treatment she had more range of motion, her tendinitis went away, she stop taking pain meds, and her anxiety decreaded. Since 2004 she has been doing what she loves and has over 200 hours of classes to be the best for her clients.

Catherine Taylor
Catherine Taylor knew from a very early age that she wanted to create art by making the world more beautiful through hair artistry. Her love and passion for hair artistry and her desire to connect to people on a more personal level helped make her dream come true.
Catherine specializes in Redken hair color, Sunlights Balayage, free form and precision cuts, causal braids/upstyles, and facial waxing. You can schedule an appointment by calling or texting her at (208) 573-7477.
Breonna Morris
Hair Stylist
Make an appointment with Breonna by calling Visual Effects Salon and Spa (208) 377-4277.
Jan Maxey
Hair Stylist
Masked with over two decads of industry experience, Jan is still driven by the fulfillment she is able to give her clients from the personal service she is able to provide.
"They aren't just clients, but friends," says Jan. " I love what I do and that I can bring a smile to my client's face when they walk out the door."
Make an appointment with Jan by calling Visual Effects Salon and Spa (208) 377-4277.
Kasey Hight
Hair Stylist
Make an appointment with Kasey by calling Visual Effects Salon and Spa (208) 377-4277.
Micah Maxey
Hair Stylist
Make an appointment with Micah by calling Visual Effects Salon and Spa (208) 377-4277.
Monika Perotto
Hair Stylist
Make an appointment with Monika by calling Visual Effects Salon and Spa (208) 377-4277.
Shelley Gammon
Hair Stylist
Make an appointment with Shelley by calling Visual Effects Salon and Spa (208) 377-4277.
Susan Davis
Hair Stylist
2016 marks 40 years in the industry for Susan. She has loved every one of them and looks forward to many more! Susan loves each one of her clients and tries very hard to make them feel good about themselves by giving them a great haircut and color! She loves the person connection and enjoys finding the creative style that fits their needs to make them look their best.
When her clients can look in the mirror every day and like what we see because they have a great haircut and style, I know they are going to have a great day! Make an appointment with Susan by calling Visual Effects Salon and Spa (208) 377-4277.
Sandy Wilfong
Hair Stylist & Permanent Make-up
Sandy is a Boise native with a decade of experience in color, cutting and styling and four years in perm makeup. She loves to go to work everyday and her clients adore her friendly, cheerful energy.  Sandy has an artist's eye that she combines with expert techniques and a drive to deliver perfection. She listens to her clients, recognizing that everyone is different - so that she can deliver a style that works for their personality. Make an appointment with Sandy by calling Visual Effects Salon and Spa (208) 377-4277.
Tina Slippy
As a professional, licensed Esthetician, Tina specializes in Anti-Aging Skin Care, Microneedling with Growth Factors, Prescription Grade Chemical Peels, HydraFacial MD, and DermaSound UltraSonic Facials. Tina loves what she does and believes in constantly educating herself on the latest beauty procedures to ensure that she is offering her clients the latest and best aesthetic procedures.
Tina is committed to making sure her clients have the best treatments and always exceeds expectations by making sure each client leaves feeling confident, energized and relaxed with their amazing results. If you are you are looking for beautiful permanent make-up eyeliner that is virtually painless and done with a digital state of the art machine, Tina will bring you that wake up with makeup look you are wanting. She also offers full body waxing hair removal, Brazilian waxing (20 minutes in and out the door), beautiful eyebrow shaping and tinting.
Call Tina for your personal skincare consultation. 208-890-0003